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Still Painting

I talk about the paint inside the paint, which is not the same as using the medium to make narration. I understand the painting as content in itself, where the plastic expression is expansive in the support causing a timelessness of the image. The concept of time is present in the work thus giving rise to a reflection on the current speed of information that we receive that moment of pause that I propose can mean a rethinking of the reality in which we travel from analog parameters of the plastic of the painting.


On a procedural level, I rethink the painting from itself to find a new aesthetic value, coercing the medium to find new expressive forms of the image. Coerce the pictorial medium takes me to a painting to the limit providing new ideas and expressions talks able to talk about the present at an abstract level.


In the pieces I work the symbiosis between what I want to tell and what the painting explains by itself same. In one of Guilles Deleuze's books “Painting; the concept of diagram "explains very well this need that background and figure coexist in the same pictorial plane and do not have a conceptual distance between them and for that, I try to work the spot that is generated thanks to the repellency of the bottom.


The images I propose are frozen in a process of time dilation emerging constantly in a previous process of resting and drying the paint. For Bauman philosophy today's society is uncertain, it is a liquid that fluctuates in philosophical and moral principles. Within this instability, the paint but, meets solid facts since it can underlying as a still image solidifying the moment of its creation with all its consequences that entails.

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