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In the Paintorama series I approach the purely pictorial from an imaginary of my own based on the appropriation taken from urban culture or the comic intercalating it with contemporary thinking as well as asking questions about doubts and successes in artistic practice.


I am interested in talking about painting within the painting, which is not the same as using the medium to do narration. I understand the pictorial medium as content in itself where the representation itself Painting is the subject in the picture.


From drawing I draw the pictorial facts that they occur in artistic practice, those own circumstances that happen in the construction process of the image addressing it in an exaggerated or obvious way. I like to work my own questions of the image, composition, balance, color ... I am concerned about the relationship between background and figure since as Deleuze says, it is necessary that the two factors coexist in a Same pictorial plane and don't have a conceptual distance between them.

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