R.A.R.O Barcelona

W.IP. Online Workshops for Artists


Personal tutor for workshops online. Barcelona


Understanding the dynamics of the new reality we are facing, R.A.R.O. Barcelona offers the possibility to interact with professionals of the art world, offering emerging artists a space of professional practice and tutoring for the development of their projects.

W.I.P. presents a series of online workshops for emerging artists, where the needs of the participating artist are explored in a one on one format. Topics such as the analysis of theoretical and conceptual development of the work, portfolio design, artist statement, presentation of projects for grants, residencies, art competitions, etc ... or any other interest, the workshop will adapt to the personal interests of the participants. 


Under the mentorship of artists and cultural agents with a stablished carrer in the artistic field, W.I.P. seeks to promote the professionalization of the emerging artist, under a format of transversal and dynamic work, enhancing the strengths of each participant.

SHU Gallery

Calling the Same Planet Home, Braving the Same Storm We are


20.05.2020 - 12.06.2020

1st Lane,Xin’an 3rd Rd,Bao an District. Shenzhen (China)


This exhibition curated by Cao Yuan and Zuo Chenxi is a collective exhibition of the Zhi Art Museum collection exhibited in the SHU Gallery space.

Artists_(In no Particular Order)


Chen Xiangbo/Chen Hao/Dou Jinyong/Huang Guowu/Luo Sumin/Ma Shunxian/Tian Liusha/Ying Tianqi/Zhou Jinhua/Thibault Juvenielle(France)/Gerard Torres Sanmartí(Spain)/Victoria Bilogan(Australia)/An Haifeng/Cai Haibiao/Chen Rihong/Du Shihao/Er Dongchen/ Guo Hongyuan/Huang He/Hu Buwei/Jiang Zhe/Lin Haidong/Luo Xiong/Liao Xiayun/Li Ruowan/Ma Yuhan/Meng Jinghan/Pang Nan/Qi Yutian/Tan Wenxuan/Wang Yicheng/Wang Jichuan/Xu Hanxuan/Xiao Fenqi/Yuan Jingjing/Zhang Bo

"The earth is tiny in the universe, and human beings are tiny on the earth. At the end, there is no much mystery. It is nothing but love and courage that lasted from generations to generations throughout human history. In times of crisis, art may not be able to solve problems for us, but it conveys the artist's sincere "love" for the unknown, for nature, for life, and for those around him or her, which will last forever. The visualized nature might becomes a processed symbol existed in our daily lives. It is also a gentle reminder that you would not ask the nature "why the mountains are cyan“? You just relax and enjoy the color, the mountain." the curators wrote in the exhibition profile.

PhD. Advanced Studies In Artistic Productions


PhD. Researcher at Faculty of Fine Arts in University of Barcelona.


The idea of ​​a methodology based on an active process for a passive process has been effective in my work insofar as it has worked as a generator of works and that is why which I think if I study similar patterns and behaviors of working in artistic practices from other authors, it may be of importance to detect parallels and to be able to unravel mechanisms of the artistic process, giving value to aspects of artistic creation that we they may overlook and conceive unknowns in aspects of production that we have so far lacked in mind.


To be able to frame these in a specific context where this develops more vehemently would be important data for channeling research. Finding that there is a common logic in the artistic process from marginal phenomena or residues arising from praxis can help a pedagogy useful in understanding artistic work. I also want to highlight as an action-entity-enriching event set that they give meaning to praxis, they bring knowledge and can give a broad view of art most of the aspects that compose it. If I could find the meaning of the residual, its place in the creative process and its value, we could review certain artistic issues and reconsider some works from another point of view.


To study a work dynamics that allows me to produce knowledge from the error, randomness, the trace, that which is out of control, the disposable and those phenomena negative for the integrity of the work of art, can lead to a new formalization of the piece artistic and to give value to seemingly marginal and outdated facts and aspects.

Explain what is not we understand that within the artistic production can help to deepen in those contents that contribute a critical sense and give them a regenerating entity in the field of arts and humanities.

Residence workshop and exhibition. Barcelona


WTA Gallery

11.02.19 - 30.09.19

WTA is a space for experimentation, production and exhibition of emerging contemporary art. It consists of a showroom and a workshop-residence for a guest artist or curator, in addition to the studio of visual artist Werner Thöni.

WTA regularly offers exhibitions, with particular emphasis on the plastic and visual arts. We also organize small-format cultural events on a occasional basis.
Our workshop-residence provides each guest artist or curator with a workplace, lodging and the right to exhibit at WTA Gallery for up to a six month period. 

WTA opens our doors. Our aim is to bring art to an interested public while helping artists and curators to create and show their most innovative projects.

Edition "SUPER LUNA" by designer Xiangyun Ji Zhao and Gerard Torres Sanmartí, case for pastry shop "Moon".

Hong Kong



300 units Super Luna edition C.A.S.E X Gerard Torres Sanmartí. Box designed by Ziangyun Ji Zhao contein a incredible porcelain dish in proces or photochemistry, 6 special milk cakes and one reproduction "Still Painting 33".

This collaboration make possible by Zhi Art Museum, Shenzhen Hezhi Culture & Art Devolopment Co.Ltd, Semi Underground Space Beijing and Moon pastry shop from Hong Kong.

Museu Empordà, Figueres (Spain)



18.04.19 - 24.06.19

The JCE Biennale is above all a network linking different European cities concerned with promoting the work of their country’s young artists as well as allowing these artists’ cultural actions to be known beyond their borders. Each country is represented by a curator whose responsibility it is to select eight young artists who will participate in the JCE Biennale by presenting one of their artworks. Once the artworks of each country have been assembled, the JCE Biennale takes the shape of a large traveling collective exhibit which settles down in each of the partner cities over the course of two consecutive years.


Through implementing this network, the JCE successfully manages to assemble emerging art scenes in the European Union, which share similar values and cultural objectives. Thus it represents a privileged moment of encounters and exchange between artists and professionals across Europe.


At the heart of these shared esthetics, perceptions, and creative processes, the JCE Biennale wishes to open a terrain conducive to the questioning and new experiences necessary in order to stimulate youth creation. It is this collaborative nature which imposes itself as the guarantor of the free circulation of ideas and artistic research both on the national and international scale.

Zhi Art Museum

Acappella Exhibition

25.05.19 - 31.08.19

Song’An Road, Bao’an District. Shenzhen (China)


Chinese artist Zheng Yueyuan and Spanish artist Gerard Torres Sanmartí are exhibiting their works at “A Cappella: International Young Artists Communication Exhibition Series” at Zhi Art Museum in Bao’an District.


Curators Gan Ting and Jiang Yiyi hope that this series of exhibitions will promote the exchange and development of young artists from China and different countries and regions, and explore the direction and value of the future of art.


“Through the two young artists’ experimental calligraphy series and abstract paintings, we open our understanding of the diversity of culture and art. In their choice in creative language, both Zheng and Torres have retained the baptism brought by their own culture to the greatest extent,” the curators wrote in the exhibition profile.

Semi Underground Space

Diagram Exhibition

22.03.19 - 10.05.19

T3 Art Community

Beijing (China)


Residence and Exhibition at the Semi Underground Space located on the outskirts of Beijing in the T3 Art Community cultural district.

The exhibition Diagram is a significant sample of all the work of a month and mtij in residence from papers, fabrics and different pictorial material. Diagram represents a representation of the multidisciplinarity of my artistic practice in the field of contemporary painting, where all the workshop work converges on works where the content and the medium encompass what the painting explains in its own right.