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El dubte;entre

el procés i l'obra acabada

Solo exhibition

Werner Thöni Artspace
Barcelona 2019

"The doubt; between the proces and finally work"

Every creator has a doubt, knowing about a work. Understand that color, shape and composition result in a whole. A point where the elements intermingle in a strange harmony, imperceptible and congratulate themselves hugging in a mental dance that is the happiness of the creator.


This point, the strange feeling that the work process leaves to the finished work, is the object of this exhibition. The exhibition we present by Gerard Torres Sanmartí is a sample of the work done in the context of the residence of artists Werner Thöni Artspace. A center where Torres has developed his work since February. A few months of creation in which he has refined color and form to ask; When does the work process end and can you guess that the work I have thought is finished? From Miguel Angel's slaves to Jodorowsky's Dune film, the possibilities presented freshen us more than the finished work. How natural our imagination gets to work and completes the work with unexpected twists for the artist.


The final work only exists in the mind of the artist and the viewer in different versions, all of them perfect examples of Western art. The ability to reproduce what we dream about is the main quality of the artist. The ultimate question is where the work ends and when we can finish it. When does the work process end and when does the exhibition of the piece begin?


A doubt that we also find in the other fine arts. The question is to know what is the point where the forces of the painting represent what we have dreamed and express the spirit that we want to make public.

This difficult decision, beyond every possible muse, is what Torres poses in this exhibition. The question has already been described: At what point does the artistic work take place as a finished work and when is it just a phase of the work process?


A distinction that although it is a topic in the art world, here it is quite relevant, since it is a question that confronts the artist with himself. A question that makes us look in the mirror to know what is the work we have done.

Text by exhibition curator Joan Vila Boix

Orignal text on catalan

Werner Thöni Gallery



Solo exhibition

IMG_0095 2.JPG
Zhi Art Museum
Shenzhen 2019

Chinese artist Zheng Yueyuan and Spanish artist Gerard Torres Sanmartí are exhibiting their works at “Acappella: International Young Artists Communication Exhibition Series” at Zhi Art Museum in Bao’an District.


Curators Gan Ting and Jiang Yiyi hope that this series of exhibitions will promote the exchange and development of young artists from China and different countries and regions, and explore the direction and value of the future of art.


“Through the two young artists’ experimental calligraphy series and abstract paintings, we open our understanding of the diversity of culture and art. In their choice in creative language, both Zheng and Torres have retained the baptism brought by their own culture to the greatest extent,” the curators wrote in the exhibition profile.

Upon first glance at Zheng’s work, one may think that it is simply a piece of traditional Chinese calligraphy. But in fact, her works blend a wealth of artistic experience — in traditional Chinese paintings, prints and digital images — so that the final works embody an extraordinary tension between calligraphy, performance art and video installation. Traditional content has been sharply transformed, but at the same time, it becomes very contemporary.

Torres’ work is artistic ontology. He is obsessed with the original form of painting and seeks new value from it. He thinks the painting language itself cannot appeal to human language. He believes that in a sense, painting, like mathematics, can be used as a tool for meditation, or considered a perfect concept game, not just a measurement and modeling tool. Influenced by European philosophy, Torres shows a strong interest in Heidegger and Bauman’s thoughts. The fluidity and eternal gravity of coagulation in the moment is his tireless subject of painting.

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Art Critic by Wen Feng Zijie doctor in Phlosophy Department on Beijing University and Macao University

Eye Shenzhen (English Version)

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Video Interview Zhi Art Museum



SOLO exhibition

Semi Space Underground Art Residence
Beijing 2019

Diagram means a representation of different variations of a phenomenon or relationships that have between different sets or parts. Each piece is developed thanks to the realization of a previous piece and between the different series that are there they are developed at the same time.

The speed is reflected in my work as we live in a world faster and faster. I am interested in the philosophy of Sigmun Bauman since he affirmed that the society in which we live is liquid, which means that one day we think one thing and they follow another, there are no fixed principles.

In painting there is the possibility of keeping the moment fixed and catching that speed that we see thrown.

The painting is everything we do not understand and escapes from the hands, so we do not control. When the paint moves through the spray it creates alteatorial shapes that vibrate. Martin Heidegger, the German philosopher in his book Origin of art explains that he seeks the essence of things, a chair, for example, is a chair because you can settle. But I ask

what painting is, what is its essence, and that is why I look for something that escapes our hands, the recording of the paint, the stain its analogy. It is very necessary to look for from a workshop archeology and that this serves as a work engine. On the other hand, I come from the world of graffiti and I try to bring the artistic technique of the spray to the fine arts. For example, in the big works I present, the shapes and colors are made with spray and cut with white paint. I wanted to express a broken aesthetic trapped in two worlds.

The works of the accumulated paint, form an inevitable landscape since it is left over by other processes and has been developed as if they were dry paint mountains. All this leads to a cycle, one to own methodology that is self-directed from the work in theworkshop.

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Open Studio

Graffiti in 798 Art District 

Opening Exhibition

Review Anyone X Exhi


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SOLO exhibition

H10 Art Gallery
Barcelona 2018

The reflection on the material, the theorizing of the time, the spaces that occupy the painting, the life of this one, its capacity for expansion or its durability are concepts that include the work of Gerard Torres Sanmartí. The Paintorama sample compiles a set of works that deal with the formal language and kinematics that builds the image in the search for a continuously lively plastic expression.


El Millor disseny de l'any


gROUP show

Arts FAD, Museu del Disseny Hub
Barcelona 2018

The Association of Artists and Craftsmen of the FAD (A-FAD) organizes the 10th edition of the ArtsFAD Awards for artistic creation. The prizes are a knowledgment of artistic works that stand out for excellence in concept, the quality of the material and the technical execution. In short, a set of unique works without a function of use that reveals a great knowledge of the trade.

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gROUP show

France, Denmark, Lithuania, Romania,
Italy, Spain and Portugal. 2017-2019

The JCE Biennale is first and foremost a network linking several European cities that are keen to promote young artists from their country and to publicize their cultural activities outside their borders. Each country is represented by a commissioner, who is in charge of selecting eight young artists who will participate in the JCE Biennale by presenting one of their works. Once the works from each country have been brought together, the JCE Biennale takes the form of a large group and traveling exhibition that takes place in each of the partner cities in two consecutive years.


By setting up this network, the JCE has succeeded in bringing together emerging artistic scenes from the European Union that share common cultural values ​​and objectives. In this sense, it represents a privileged moment of meetings and exchange between artists and professionals of the art world established in Europe. At the heart of this sharing of aesthetics, perceptions and creative processes, the JCE Biennial wishes to open a field conducive to questions and new experiences needed to stimulate young creation. It is indeed its collaborative nature that stands out as the guarantor of a free flow of ideas and artistic research both locally and internationally.

For more details:

Le Beffroi Museum, Montrouge-Paris. November 2017

The Art Building, Kunstbygningen i Vrå. April 2018



gROUP show

Fundació SETBA within Art Nou program
Barcelona 2017

Setba Jove is a collective exhibition of young artists that has been held since 2008 in the exhibition space of the Setba Foundation in the Plaza Real. It is a show that covers different artistic disciplines and that wants to be an exit platform for young artists in the professional world of galleries.

This year Setba celebrates the tenth anniversary, like this collective exhibition. That is why we want to create a dialogue between the new talents and the artists that have exhibited in previous editions of Setba Jove, for which the passage through the exhibition has been a springboard to the gallery circuit.

The exhibition also has a dozen new artists selected through an open call and this year has received a total of 65 proposals. The artists exhibiting at Setba Jove 2017 are Laia Albert, Maria Campana, Olga Martinez Faus, Alsira Monforte, Alan Piris, Virginia Rota, Anne Cécile Surga, Gerard Torres, Bruna Valls and Laura Van Severen.

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gROUP show

Fabra i Coats, Centre d'Art Contemporani
Barcelona 2016

Group show the works of the Master of Production and Artistic Research from University of Barcelona. 
AI accept paint all the accidents that I carry and I accept the error to find a sense of plastic creation leaving spaces for chance and the

coincidence I understand the process as the one that generates work in the as I accept its dynamics from what I do not understand for

build my imaginary on the other hand, the productive waste that is that stratum or detritus that it appears from a relationship between cause and effect within the process of work, articulate new forms and concepts which are important to be attentive as it nourishes the general motor of praxis. I'm not looking for one representative or narrative capacity, but investigate in the material sense; in its objectuality. (Text sumary of my concret work)


gROUP show

Museu d'Art de Sabadell (MAS)
Sabadell (Barcelona) 2015

The sample "Sabadell Obert" (Open Sabadell) brings together five artists who have developed their work NauEstruch. The five proposals coming from groups, interests and backgrounds very different, which gives a broad wealth of perspectives in the sample. While you can find a thematic approach to meet these works, all of them leaving traces and processes have been carried out. The performativitats that would come into play then, the focus of a study that created Factory Live Arts as Estruch. Xavi Ristol looks at methods of self-correction and translation of books Joan Arbó, Anna Garcia-Pineda raises from the habit of telling and drawing responses from everyday issues and sometimes universal, Guillem Celada takes aim perform file work as an industrial designer and interior designer Josep Maria Magem, Gerard Torres Sanmartí accumulated residual elements of its entire working Estruch and forms a series of pieces marked by marginalization and duration, and last shows Marcos Nogue open the process of investigation into the merger between sculpture, robotics and virtual worlds. In the various proposals assumed temporal actions as revisit insist, collect and catalog, or trial and error; intertwine and become evident that the process and outcome.

solo exhibition


Genial Art Gallery
Sabadell (Barcelona) 2014

The exhibition contained a series of works in which the drawing and the doodles were made from the color. Grotesque figures from a popular and carecteristic imaginary where the references to Goya and the Catalan culture became evident.


solo exhibition

Acadèmia de Belles Arts de Sabadell Fundació Privada
Sabadell (Barcelona) 2013

The universe is an immense and unknown place in which human beings still do not know most of the observable and what may happen. It becomes an ideal place to get carried away by the imagination and to make the invisible visible. Today, we use artificial satellites to see what hides this outer world, trying to decipher what surrounds us and creating hypotheses that explain the incognito.

This is the premise with which I wanted to develop the set of works that make up this exhibition entitled Explorations. A work of imagination of phenomena and concepts that can pass in the universe together with artificial satellites as conductors of the exhibition, as characters acting on the stage were treated.

ESA (European Space Agency) was contacted for the contribution to repository of artistic tributes at Rosetta, Philae & Comet 67P / Churyumov-Gerasimenko created by artists across the world dedicated to painting, music, sculpture, poems, installations, performance and more.

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group show