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The residual factor can be important in conceiving and producing work if it is understood as quality intrinsic and important of the creative process as it emerges through the search for a result and it develops as a passive process. This can be used as a working engine to generate more information when we give it a proactive role or record it, that does trigger more information (or waste) in the production of new work.


This procedure it is transformed into a cyclic process where the utilization of the waste leads to more residual or alternate information. Although the residual fact may seem subordinate to it, it is indivisible from the methodology of work, understanding that not excluding ourselves leads us to give importance even to enrich the own artistic language helping to construct the artist's own speech as you have one sense of preparation and rescue of information about what is being investigated. I think for the moment this process parameter is formalized from the trace, the error, the discard, surplus, and other marginal referrals while looking for others equivalent characters.


Reassessing these aspects allows me to develop a reading more complete around art and bring emotional and reflective qualities thus nourishing the artistic process for the sake of a more careful discourse and to cover the process in the most sense as wide as possible and produce the pieces that make up the Diaris series.


Understanding residual in art as a pejorative phenomenon is a mistake already that this fact can generate more waste and for more information and that unlike waste in consumer goods, art provides us with data on the construction of the entity artistic and sense of the work of art. Seeking and accepting the residual fact brings us closer to a more optimum and informative result of praxis since it acts as a consequence of a cause, and so we can understand that a result it is always residual when it is considered as a result of different factors that determine it its conception.


Activity diary are part of the artistic activity of a workshop while other works are produced in parallel, and their value lies in their conceptualization. of the artistic process from the cause-effect of the artistic maneuver and discover the age inherent in the painting, its pictoricity.

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